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IMCAS Asia 2015

Dear Doctor LE HANH,
On behalf of Dr ASCHER, IMCAS Congress Director,
We would be glad to finalize a scientific partnership between IMCAS and the Ho Chi Minh Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (HSPAS). Please find below our proposal for IMCAS Asia 2015 (program attached):

1/ Scientific & Logistics collaboration

  • At IMCAS Asia 2015, in Bali, Indonesia, from July 31 to August 2
    • One session is organized in collaboration with the HSPAS (please let us know if you have any topic and speaker suggestions)
    • You will be included in the congress Scientific Committee
    • Presentation text (5 lines description written by your secretariat) + logo of HSPAS within the "scientific partners" page of the printed program and online program (see 2014 example attached), as well as online on IMCAS website with a direct link to your society website (see Paris example here)
    • Display of your flyers on the future conference dedicated desk
    • On your side, at HSPAS Annual Meeting (please let us know the exact dates and location)
      • A full page advertisement inside the final program of the conference (we will provide you with the ad)
      • Display of IMCAS flyers on the dedicated desks of your conference
      • Online announcement of IMCAS Asia 2015 on HSPAS website
2/ Registration fees
  • HSPAS society gain 80 USD for each registration made by one of its members to IMCAS Asia 2015
    • Therefore, for 25 doctors members of the HSPAS registering to IMCAS Asia 2015, IMCAS will then collect 2 000 USD for your society. This collaboration has no registrant limit (meaning that if 100 HSPAS members are registering to the meeting, then your society will gain 8 000 USD).
    • HSPAS will send the full list of its members by the deadline of May 30, in order for IMCAS to double check if a registrant is a member of the society.
    • To be eligible for the 80 USD, the registration of a HSPAS member must be done either by the member himself or by HSPAS (not by a company).
    • In the rare case that the registrant is belonging to several societies with a special offer on the registration, only one society will benefit from this offer. 
We would be glad to discuss this collaboration further with you at any time.
Please let us know your views,
With all our respect,


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