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ASEAN ORL 2007 Viet Nam - Some information before coming to Vietnam

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of Organizing Committee, we would like to send the best regards to you.
The Vietnamese ENT Society takes great pride and pleasure to host the 12th Asean ORL H&N Congress in Ho Chi Minh City from 22nd -24th August 2007 .
Preparations for the Congress are well in progress. We would like to send you some information before your coming to Vietnam .
1. Venue of the Congress:
The Windsor Plaza Hotel
18 An Duong Vuong Street , District 5, Hochiminh City , Vietnam
Tel: (848) 8336688 - Fax: (848) 8367749
2. Registration:
Location: Grand Ballroom Lobby - 7th Floor, The Windsor Plaza hotel
Opening time: 9:00 -21:00 , 21st August, 2007 and 8:00 -17:00 , 22nd and 24th August, 2007.
Participant must register for the symposium at the Registration Desk to receive name badge and symposium materials. Please don't forget your confirmation letter and show this in your registration.
Because of the huge of Delegates so that please register on 21st August if you can.
Delegates who registered in group: please register on 21st August
3. Secretariat Office:
Location: Secretariat Room - 6th Floor, The Windsor Plaza hotel
Opening time: 8:00- 17:00 , 22nd and 24th August, 2007.
Symposium staffs are available to help you throughout the congress at the Secretariat Office.
4. Preview Room:
Location: Preview Room - 6th Floor, The Windsor Plaza hotel
Opening time: 9:00 -21:00 , 21st August, 2007 and 8:00 - 17:00 , 22ndand 24th August, 2007.
All oral presenters may upload presentation files at the Preview Room, which can be accessed directly from the stage podium. Please be sure to visit the Preview Room to test your file at least a day prior to your presentation.
You also should submit your presentation before the congress, please contact with Mr Trong Trung -
5. Tour Desk:
Location: Grand Ballroom Lobby - 7th Floor, The Windsor Plaza hotel
Participant can find information on local destinations at the Tour Desk and join one of many tours offered by the official traveling agency of the Symposium (Saigontourist).
Free City Tour
Registered participants are welcome to join a half-day of cultural tour of Hochiminh City .
Reservations were requested prior to arrival, if you did not pre-register, please inquire at the tour desk for availability.
Tour leaves from the Tour Desk at Grand Ballroom Lobby and The Windsor Plaza hotel
at 9:00 & 14:00 every day, from 22ndand 24th August, 2007.
6 . Internet
Location: in Exhibition Area - 7th Floor, The Windsor Plaza hotel
Free of charge Wi-Fi internet is open to all participants to check their email during the Congress.
7 . Events
Opening Ceremony
08:00- 09:00 Wednesday 22nd, 2007 at Grand Ballroom - 7th Floor, The Windsor Plaza Hotel
Welcome Party
19:00- 22:00 Wednesday 22nd, 2007 at Sinh Doi Restaurant
120 Ly Thai To St. , Dist. 3, HCM City
Tel: (848) 8322627
We will arrange Shuttle bus to pick you up from the Windsor Plaza hotel to Sinh Doi Restaurant and turn back at 18:00-18:45 and 21:30-22:30
Cultural Night
19:00- 22:30 Thursday 23rd, 2007 at Van Thanh Tourist Resort
48/10 Dien Bien Phu St, Ward 22, Binh Thạnh Dist., HoChiMinh City
Tel: (848) 5123026
We will arrange Shuttle bus to pick you up from the Windsor Plaza hotel to Van Thanh Tourist Resort and turn back at 17:00-18:00 and 22:00-22:30
Closing Ceremony
17:00- 17:30 Friday 24th, 2007 at Grand Ballroom - 7th Floor, The Windsor Plaza Hotel
Assembly Meeting (for members of ASEAN ORL HNS Federation only)
19:00- 21:00 Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
at Function Room 1 - 6th Floor, The Windsor Plaza Hotel
8. Other information
Foreign Exchange & Credit Cards
Foreign currency and travelers checks can be converted into Vietnam Dong at foreign exchange banks in the airport, downtown and other authorized exchanges at the hotels. Major international credit cards, including VISA, American Express, Master Card and JCB, are accepted at major display signs indicating which cards they accept. The exchange rate for US$1.00 is approximately Vietnam Dong 16,150 as August, 2007.
August is rainy season in Vietnam . It will be hot at morning and rains to come in afternoon, wet climate, average temperature with a high of 320C and a low of 270C.
Tax and Tipping
Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on most goods at a standard rate of 10%. In major tourist spots, a 10% VAT plus a 5% service charge are added to the bills. Otherwise, tipping is not customary in Vietnam .
Banking & Business Hours
Most private businesses open at 7:30 and close at 16:30 but some are open until late evening. Bank business hours are between 7:30 and 16:30 on weekdays. All banks are closed on weekend and public holidays. Automated Teller Machines are available throughout the city.
Time Differences
In relation to the Greenwich Mean Time, Vietnam is + 7 hours.
Participants are advised to take out adequate travel and health insurance before leaving their countries. The Organizing Committee has no insurance coverage for the participants and will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during the 12th ASEAN ORL HNS 2007.
You will find your stay in Vietnam a memorable and rewarding one. We have great pleasure in inviting you to join in the Congress.
Best regards,
Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
The Secretariat

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